ASG Scorpion Evo Fire Selector Blank/Delete



The standard fire selector is too easy to accidentally change while running about causing you to be on safe when confronting the enemy team.

Simply swap out the selector on the side you don't use to stop accidental switches.

Features a textured grip and is made from strong PETG materials with 100% infill for greater strength.


You can purchase either left or right hand versions so you still use the regular fire selector on your primary side depending if you are left or right handed. (You can also purchase both sides if you wish)
Brand: Delta Airsoft
Colour: Black
Dispatched from UK.
In stock and ready to go!
- Replacing fire selector requires opening up the replica. Please ask your local tech to do this for you.
Note this part is for a toy Airsoft replica and cannot be used for real firearms.

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Weight N/A

Twin Pack (L+R), Right Side Only, Left Side Only